China’s Strategic Transformation Through "One Enterprise, One Policy" for 2024

Revolutionizing Enterprise Growth trough Innovation and Branding.

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Shaping the Future of Corporations Together.

As China's central enterprises embark on this transformative journey, the implications for global competitiveness and innovation are profound. The "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy" strategy not only redefines success in the modern business landscape but also invites stakeholders to be part of a dynamic, forward-looking movement.

We encourage you to explore further and engage with us as we navigate this exciting path towards high-quality development. Discover the depth of our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence, and see how China's central enterprises are poised to lead on the global stage.

The Framework for High-Quality Development: "一利五率 One Benefit, Five Rates"

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SASAC's development of the "One Benefit, Five Rates" indicator system exemplifies its commitment to refining the assessment process. This year, the introduction of a "dual bonus" mechanism aims to reward enterprises that exceed national economic growth rates and demonstrate significant quality and efficiency improvements. This graded efficiency assessment goal incentivizes ambitious performance targets, encouraging enterprises to strive for excellence in all facets of their operations.

Fostering Innovation Through R&D

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Innovation is at the heart of the "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy" strategy. SASAC is placing a strong emphasis on research and development(R&D) investment and output assessment, recognizing enterprises as pivotal players in technological innovation. By adopting a differentiated assessment mechanism aligned with scientific research norms, the strategy underscores the importance of revenue and value-added ratios in strategic emerging industries. This focus is designed to spur enterprises to optimize their structures and strategies, paving the way for transformative growth and industry leadership.

Innovating Assessment Models: Market Value Management and Brand Value Enhancement.

A critical aspect of the "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy" strategy is its emphasis on market value management and brand value as key performance indicators. For listed companies under central enterprises, SASAC is enhancing its assessment criteria to include both process-oriented and outcome-based evaluations. This initiative not only aims to improve intrinsic value and market performance but also to foster investor confidence and stabilize market expectations. Additionally, by incorporating brand value into assessments, SASAC encourages enterprises to boost their internal capabilities and external image, aiming for global recognition and excellence.

Understanding "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy": A Tailored Approach to Success.

The "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy" initiative is not merely a policy adjustment; it represents a paradigm shift in how enterprise value and growth are measured. By recognizing the diverse roles, industry specifics, and core functions of each central enterprise, SASAC is moving towards a more nuanced and effective evaluation system. This strategy ensures that assessment indicators are not just uniform metrics but are reflective of each enterprise's unique context and potential for value creation.

In an era of rapid technological advancements and global market shifts, China's central enterprises are on the brink of a significant transformation. The State-ownedAssets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC)has introduced a groundbreaking strategy, "一企一策 One Enterprise, One Policy," aimed at fostering high-quality development tailored to the unique needs and capabilities of each enterprise. This approach marks a departure from the traditional, one-size-fits-all assessment models, promising to set new benchmarks in innovation, efficiency, and global competitiveness.