Where Italian Elegance Meets Wanning Waves.

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Art Direction
Martini beach club render of the outside part of the cloud
Martini beach club design
Martini front design


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During the execution of the conceptual design, we prioritized respecting Martini's brand visual guidelines while introducing innovative elements in the realm of fashion. By incorporating elements from the Italian dolce vita culture into the unique landscapes of Wanning, we seamlessly integrated the classic branding elements, colors, and forms. The result is a captivating space that reflects Martini's cultural heritage in a fresh and appealing way.


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Throughout the design process, our main challenge was harmonizing Martini's classic brand and Italian culture with the beach lifestyle of Wanning while maintaining brand consistency. We aimed to create a space that is both distinctive and fashionable, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual essence represented by Martini.

Martini's Beach Bar: A seamless fusion of Italian elegance and coastal chic, offering a stylishseaside escape in Wanning

In the design of Martini's beach bar, our goal is to infuse the essence of Martini's brand into the trendy and youthful beaches of Wanning, creating a space that exudes the charm of an Italian summer day. By merging Italian dolce vita culture with the emerging beach lifestyle in China, we've achieved a collision of creativity that captures the spirit of Martini in a unique coastal setting.

Martini aero photo of the club
Martini beach area
Martini beach club first design
Martini chill out area
Martini club back chill out area
Martini beach club parking area
Martini sign design
Martini logo render
Martini Sealine beach club
Martini club bar area
Martini light sign
Martini dance floor
Martini club front at night
Martini stairs design
Martini layout design
Martini bar area in the night