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We build brands for tomorrow 🚀

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Room 1707 is a strategic branding agency based in Shanghai that works with innovative, high-growth companies looking to launch, grow or refresh their brands.


Together, we build brands that not only sell, but also inspire and make a difference. Together we build brands for tomorrow.

Work - Bershka.jpg
Work - Solofresasdentales.jpg


Solofresasdedntales | Bilbao, SPAIN

Work - Meus Nova.jpg

Meus Nova | Shenzhen, CHINA

Work - 肤芝堂.jpg
Work - Object Momento.jpg

A Modern twist of Traditonal Chinese Skincare

肤芝堂 | Shanghai, CHINA

Object Momento | Shanghai, CHINA

What we do, is who we do it for. Your audience, your customers, your team and you. ☕


We provide value, positioning and business to our clients through the design, creation and management of brands to generate unique and memorable brand experiences.

UX UI & Tech

We are interlocutors in the digital transformation of our clients. We work to get quality digital products, always from an innovative base.

Digital branding & Marketing

With a team of both local international experts, we understand what is required to help you give your brand a unique voice in the competitive market.

We turn cultural value into company value 💼

Our amazing clients ❤️

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