Improving User Experience (UX) in Global Trade.







SySafari tablet and phone UI
SySafari dashboard with map
SySafari Warehouse illustration

SySafari, a leading logistics software provider, approached our team to revamp the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of their SaaS platform and application.

Seeking a modern and intuitive design, SySafari aimed to enhance user engagement and streamline logistics management for their diverse clientele.

The existing SySafari platform faced usability challenges, hindering optimal user interaction and task efficiency.

The client expressed the need for a ground-up redesign that aligned with industry standards, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for logistics professionals.

The collaboration with SySafari showcased the successful transformation of their logistics software's UX/UI, addressing user pain points and elevating the overall user experience. The redesign not only enhanced the platform's visual appeal but also contributed to increased user satisfaction and efficiency in logistics management. As a result, SySafari continues to be a preferred choice for logistics professionals seeking a user-friendly and modern software solution.

SySafari packages arriving to the plane
SySafari summary of the labels
SySafari currency exchange
SySafari dashboard in macbook
SySafari warehouse
SySafari statistics layout
SySafari main functionalities
SySafari details check layout
SySafari bill dashboard
SySafari scan reference dashboard
SySafari delivery service
SySafari label management
SySafari software design in the tablet
SySafari upload document layout
SySafari cargo illustration
SySafari logo
SySafari country ranking layout
SySafari bill details
SySafari help and support page design
SySafari warehouse
SySafari macbook layout of the software
SySafari support chat
SySafari software design in detail
SySafari address management layout
SySafari ship with cargo
SySafariTools layout
SySafari Tools logo
SySafari store illustration
SySafari Tools label management design
SySafari menu design
SySafari worker carrying a box
SySafari software design in an imac