Blending Global Trends with Local Charm.

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Café Dieci's visual identity is not just a design; it's a strategic move to establish a robust foundation for success. The brand effortlessly captures the attention of passing tourists while resonating with the local community. The design serves as a visual ambassador, attracting patrons with its fresh, fast, and healthy offerings, creating a lasting impression in the competitive culinary landscape of San Sebastian.


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The design language of Café Dieci is a careful dance between modern international elements and the traditional aesthetics of San Sebastian. The use of vibrant colors, clean lines, and contemporary typography ensures the brand stands out amidst the competitive restaurant scene. The incorporation of local motifs and artistic details, inspired by the city's cultural heritage, instills a sense of familiarity and pride among the residents.


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Café Dieci's visual identity marries international visual trends with localized aesthetics. The design seamlessly blends the expectations of global tourists with the traditional values and aesthetics cherished by the local community. The core values of "fresh, fast, and healthy" are embodied in every aspect of the design, creating a unique visual narrative that speaks to the concept of "new tradition" with a touch of artistic flair.


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Unlike other tourist-centric locales, San Sebastian's city center boasts a dense local population. Café Dieci aims to resonate with both tourists and locals, offering not just traditional coffee but also a diverse menu, including the exotic and healthy Poke Bowls, catering specifically to the preferences of the city's inhabitants.

Elevating Tradition, Embracing Innovation: Where Global Tastes Meet Local Heartbeats at Café Dieci.

Café Dieci, nestled on the enchanting coast of San Sebastián, Spain, is more than just a food haven; it's a testament to the fusion of international design trends with the rich local culture. In a city where high population density meets a thriving tourist scene, Café Dieci strategically crafts its visual identity to not only captivate global visitors but also earn the favor of discerning local residents.

Café Dieci coffee beans packaging
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Café Dieci illustration coffee beans
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