Radiance Redefined: Cora Fee – Illuminate YourBeauty Journey.







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Elevating a German Pharmaceutical Beauty Brand for Success in the Competitive Chinese Market.

Cora Fee, as a longstanding pharmaceutical beauty brand from Germany, has always been synonymous with the excellence of traditional medical cosmetics. However, facing the intensifying competition in the Chinese market, the brand realized its challenges in standing out due to a lack of distinctive personality and competitive edge. Thus, we embarked on a comprehensive brand upgrade journey, aiming to inject new vitality into CoraFee and illuminate its presence in the contemporary Chinese market.

After a series of efforts and innovations, Cora Fee successfully achieved its localized brand upgrade. The refreshed image attracted a greater number of young consumers, leading to significant growth in the Chinese market. The success of this brand design case underscores the immense potential of localization and innovation in the brand elevation process.

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