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We build brands that make noise for generations ⏳

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Who we work with:

We´re best at:

┼ Founders
┼ C-Suite Leaders
┼ CMO / Brand Manager
┼ Innovation Teams
┼ Senior Managers
┼ Brand Teams
┼ Marketing Teams

┼ Strategic clarity & approach
┼ Leadership alignment
┼ Driving innovation
┼ Ownable positioning
┼ Launching brands
┼ Defining purpose
┼ Brand definition


We provide value, positioning and business to our clients through the design, creation and management of brands to generate unique and memorable brand experiences.

Brand Strategy:

Brand Identity:

Brand Activation:

Research & Insights
Branding Positioning
Brand Architecture
Brand Culture & DNA
Brand Story
Big Idea

Visual Identity System
Verbal Identity Kit
Brand Guidelines
Sound Identity
Naming & Nomenclature
Packaging & Unboxing

Employee Activation
Brand Campaigns
Website Design (UX UI)
Go-To-Market Plans
Launch & Rollout


UX UI & Tech:

We are interlocutors in the digital transformation of our clients. We work to get quality digital products, always from an innovative base.

Strategy & Design:



UX UI audit & design
Innovation consulting
Product Strategy
Websites and mobile apps
Visual design
Prototyping & testing

Backend / API Integrations / CMS
Responsive development
iOS / Android native apps
Rapid prototyping
GFW & 备案

2D / 3D graphics

UX UI & Tech

Digital branding & Marketing:

With a team of both local international experts, we understand what is required to help you give your brand a unique voice in the competitive market.

Digital Strategy:

Art Direction:


Brand Strategy & Roadmaps
Brand Positioning & Architecture
IMC Strategy

Brand Visual Identity & Tone
Campaign Development
Asset Production  (Graphic, Video, 3D, Motion Design)

IMC Management
Social Media Management (WeChat, Weibo, Tik Tok, Little Redbook etc.)
KOL & KOC Management

Digital branding & Marketing
Services - 2.jpg

Our Values: 

Room 1707 is branding and design agency based in Shanghai, China, founded by a group of “Creative Partners” and talents from all over the world who process passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands.

We believe that a strong brand vision, identity and strategy can transform your business. At Room 1707, we have a group of creators and designers, we provide the essentials for your business success through creativity, honesty and consistency.

There isn ́t a one-size-fits-all formula for success. From startups just finding their feet, to established companies with decades of brand history, we shape our team and process around each client.

We turn cultural value into company value 💼

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