Bringing @Bershka to life in China´ s dynamic social media landscape, seamlessly blending culture and commerce.

Established Brand
Social Media Strategy

Community, KOL & KOC Engagement

We excel in cultivating your brand's community and managing KOLs and KOCs in China, creating strong connections and driving brand success in this thriving market.

Content Localization & Adaptation

Our expertise lies in crafting and adapting content for the unique demands of the Chinese market. We ensure your messaging resonates with local audiences and captivates their attention, driving successful engagement and impact in this dynamic landscape.

Social Media Strategy & Management

We specialize in effective social media strategy and management in China, helping your brand excel in this diverse digital space. Tailored strategies, local insights, and all-platform expertise ensure your brand's success and engagement in this ever-evolving market.

A seamless fusion of culture and commerce, positioning a global brand at the vibrant heart of China.

Our primary objective is to develop a cross-cultural brand strategy that transcends geographical boundaries. Through meticulous research into China's intricate culture, market segment differences, and the digital market landscape, we aim to shape Bershka as a pioneering cultural brand for the new generation of fashion-conscious consumers, inspiring the confident rise of young Chinese women.

Content serves as our creative canvas. We engage in brand content localization and reimagining to align with the preferences and habits of China's target consumer groups. Whether it's online promotional copy, visual design, or the creation of culturally resonant events, our team ensures that each piece of content reflects Bershka's pioneering spirit.

We have crafted an online image for Bershka that is not only international but also resonates with Chinese pop culture. This project represents a seamless fusion of culture and commerce, positioning a global brand at the vibrant heart of China's social media landscape with its unique identity.